Designers Look for the Latest Fall Fashion Trends

After the spring/summer season ends, we will welcome fall where the temperatures are colder, where everything is more chilly and windy. Fall season is always marked by the emergence of thick clothes, where people get rid of thin clothes and change them with woolly sweaters, layered clothes and boots. Designers embrace the chill temperatures with trendy and chic fall fashion trends to wear with pride, fashion outfits that are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. The war between fur and wool is never ending in fall/winter fashion trends, but you may expect something different to arrive this year’s fall.

Fall Fashion Trends with masculine look

Fall Fashion Trends with masculine look

Top Outfits for Fall Fashion Trends

Menswear, oversized, even floral patterns are predicted to be popular this season. They are characterized with striking colors, pastels and red. While American people still wear typical wearable outfit, in some places in Europe, people start to look different with oversized trousers, luxurious dresses, classic outfits, etc. Below are some popular types of clothes for fall fashion trends to inspire you in welcoming this year’s fall/winter.

Menswear Popularity

Women began to pull out their masculine charm with borrowed laid, pinstripes, or other patterns that drawn in suits. This is the great return of an old preference; the trouser suits are giving classy and edgy look but still worn with a little of feminine touch that often resembles in heels or boots.

Fall street style fashion with vintage look

Fall street style fashion with vintage look

Back to the Oldies

For latest fall fashion trends, you will see lots of ’60, ’70, or ’80 dresses in the catwalk. There are endless inspirations from the era of 60s to 80s, with flowing dresses ala Katherine Hepburn, mid-calf skirts and long skirts that never died.

Floral Patterns

You may be surprised as the ‘attack’ of flowery and tropical floral patterns do not end in summer. Almost every famous designer such as Channel to Dior is embellishing their line of collections with the beauty and lively floral patterns. Sleeveless red mid-length balloon dress with floral accent is the best to be worn for cocktail party.

Floral patterns for fall ashion presented in New York Fashion Week

Floral patterns for fall fashion presented in New York Fashion Week

Oversized Skirts and Dresses

This year’s fall fashion trends are enlivened with infinite oversized fashion items. While some years ago, balloon style dresses or large-sized skirts were not so popular during evening gala dinner, this year is about extravagant dresses that sweep the floor majestically. Full skirts dyed in different colors as designed by Giambattista Valli and Versace also bring different charm and inspiration. There are also designs by Elie Saab and Alexis Mabelle for women with bright colored dresses.

Oversized fall or winter fashion by Derek Lam

Oversized fall or winter fashion by Derek Lam

The Return of Couture for Fall

We know the game is on when designers such as Chanel, Versace, Giorgio Armani and Christian Dior pulled up their sleeves and began to spell C-O-U-T-U-R-E. The couture campaign shows great combination of timeless trend of white shades, lace tops, transparent blouses, oversized furry jackets, small handbag, even couture mask.

Fall fashion with pastel color by Chanel

Fall fashion with pastel color by Chanel

Contrasted Colors

For the latest fall fashion trends, most designers tend to use different color palettes that represent the mood of the clothes; one represents experimental, and the others represent commercial. Colors such as pastel, red, black, and blue are dominating the fashion industry during fall season. Shortly, fall/winter fashion is not limited to bright or pastel colors; you can switch one after the other or even combine both.

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