Fashion Style to Make You Look like Trendy Koreans

Woylaa.Com – Unless you live under the rock, you may often hear Korean Wave; from K-Pop to Korean drama, South Korea seems to take over the world in terms of entertainment and of course fashion style. Young Koreans are dubbed as new trendsetters, just like Japanese youths about a decade ago. Many people watch K-pop video clips over and over to see which style elements they can emulate in their own styles, and Hallyu Wave or Korean fashion style is a worldwide trend. However, unlike haute couture from France or England, or maybe eccentric Japanese style, Korean style still has down to earth elements that make it wearable.

Simple combo becomes amazing with bold colors, patterns and great shoes

Simple combo becomes amazing with bold colors, patterns and great shoes

Fashion Style Elements for Trendy Korean Look

Basically, Korean fashion style is all about making the casual pops; even though your attire is basically just jeans and blouse, you must find ways to make the entire look pops and has more eye-catching elements. However, from all types of Korean fashion elements, there are some signature elements that become special characteristics of Korean style, which are:

  • Vibrant Colors, but Still Wearable

Nothing says trendy Korean more than combining bold or vibrant colors even in everyday attire, and you should not be afraid of doing it. Koreans love adding some colors into their daily attire, whether it is for full effect or just some splashes of colors for eye-catching elements. Therefore, the colors still work for daily wear, not something you will only find on the runway, funny photographs or eccentric video clips.

  • Oversized T-shirt

Korean women love wearing oversized t-shirt that hangs loose on their bodies, but they combine it with mini skirt plus legging, boots, high heels, shorts or tight fitting denim pants. The t-shirts also have unique colors or accents to look different.

Oversized tee, big trend in Korean fashion

Oversized tee, big trend in Korean fashion

  • Colorful Accessories

One way to spice up the whole attire without looking too garish is adding colorful accessories. Accessories are parts of Korean fashion style, and the Koreans are not afraid of wearing something like oversized bags with studs, glittered pumps, colorful berets, large shawl and many more. Headbands with large accessories or feminine hairclips can bring the difference between plain boring and plain amazing.

  • Creativity in Mix and Match

Koreans not only get their style from expensive or fashionable items from luxury boutique; even cheap fashion items can look great if you know how to mix and match them. Koreans will use layering, for example, to make cheap blouse, cardigan, mini skirt and leggings look standout and super trendy like in K-pop video clips. The men are even not afraid to, for example, a colorful tux with tight fitting denim pants and patterned t-shirt.

Mix and match spices up the ordinary

Mix and match spices up the ordinary

Speaking about accessories, Korean fashion style is also all about finding accessories that are unique; even if you just rock a t-shirt with denim, a pair of white sneakers with gold studs will make your look even more standout. In the end, it is all about creativity, good fashion sense, mix and match, and bolder attitude toward how you will present yourself to the world with what you wear.  See also : Korean Fashion Trend and the Hallyu Wave

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