Gorgeous Fashion for Tall Women: Big Yes and Big No

Women, who are short in height, want to look taller by choosing outfits that provide them with the silhouette. On the other hand, being tall is a blessing for women, right? However, do not think that tall women can wear anything they want. If you have the blessing, there are some options of fashion for tall women that you can try. They work for you because they prevent you from looking too tall. What are they?

Fashion for tall women - Marsha Welchance - Pinterest

Fashion for tall women – Marsha Welchance – Pinterest

Fashion for Tall Women: Must-Have Items

The principle of fashion for tall women is contradictory to that for short women. What you need to do is choosing outfits that moderate your height by manipulating the silhouette. The following are some must-have items for tall women.

  • Skinny jeans; they are perfect options if you want to show off your gorgeous legs. There is no problem with the length. You can choose a little short pants or ankle length ones.
  • Waist-length jackets; they work to create a line that separates the lower half from the higher half. Whether they are jackets or blazers does not matter, as both are chic as well as stylish. Such jackets also serve to break the length of your body.
Skinny jeans for tall women - Aliexpress

Skinny jeans for tall women – Aliexpress

  • Maxi dresses; actually, maxi dresses do not only fit tall women, but also average and even short women. Maxi dresses in floral prints are great as summer fashion for tall women. They are comfortable and suitable when combined with accessories, such as handbag, mid-length jackets, bracelet, and even with patterns and accents at the necklines.
  • Short (but not mini) skits; tall women are recommended to wear skirts that fall above the knees instead of choosing knee-length ones. They are great choices for working women.

For the accessories, the options include waist-cinching belts that work as the waist-length jackets do. They create a waistline and separate the torso from the lower half. Tall women are lucky enough as they can use heavy accessories to give some volume to the torso. Such statement accessories can make you look a little bit shorter.

Waist defining belt for tall women - Aliexpress

Waist defining belt for tall women – Aliexpress

Fashion for tall women also permits the use of eye-catching patterns, which are otherwise not recommended for shorter women. Rich patterns provide volume, as do the bold accessories, and divert the attention from the lower part of your body. If you are not comfortable with the long legs, this is the trick for you. For the shoes, over-the-knee boots can do the trick.

Fashion for Tall Women: No-No Items

Besides the above-mentioned options of fashion for tall women, you also need to stay away from some outfits that can make you look even taller. They include the following:

  • Hot pants or mini skirts that accentuate the length of your legs.
  • Outfits with vertical stripes; instead, horizontal stripes may work for you
  • Tops with shoulder pads
  • Outfits with ruffled details
  • Capri pants that expose your ankle
  • Stilettos or 6-inch heels
Over the knee boots and cropped jacket for tall women - Prettytallstyle

Over the knee boots and cropped jacket for tall women – Prettytallstyle

Forget those items if you still want to look gorgeous and you want to disguise your height. Overall, fashion for tall women is adorable as the options are more widely varied.

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