Gorgeous Party Outfits in Evening Gowns

Woylaa.com – There are some different kinds of parties, which need different types of dress too. Some parties requires formal outfit. Some other parties need not too formal dresses, while the other parties should be in casual appearances. One of the party types that need a special preparation is the formal parties, such as a wedding party or a prom party. These parties are best completed with evening gowns that will make the ladies look gorgeous.

In a white tie party by Kate Middleton

In a white tie party by Kate Middleton

Various Types of Evening Gowns

There are two different types of formal parties. Those are the white tie party and the black tie party. In a white tie party, the evening gowns are usually more sophisticated than the evening gowns worn in a black tie party. This is to be appropriate with the white tie apparel that is very formal for men. Some cocktail dresses are tolerable to be worn in a black tie party since it is less formal than the white tie party is.

  • Sheath style; sheath evening gowns are similar to the other sheath dresses. This evening gown style is quite sexy with the tight designs that will shape the body silhouettes. Generally, there is no belt in this design. Sheath style gowns may be strapped or strapless.
Blue sheath evening gown that looks stunning

Blue sheath evening gown that looks stunning

  • Trumpet Style is almost similar to the mermaid style. These evening trumpet gowns are designed to fit the body tightly from the upper part o the body to the bottom part of the body until the knees. Then it flares like a trumpet at the bottom.
  • Mermaid style; just as the name suggests, the shape of these evening gowns are like mermaids. The upper part of the gowns are fitted the body, while the bottom part is designed to look like the tail of mermaids. Some mermaid style designs use the same color and material for the whole gowns, while the others choose different color and material for the upper part and the bottom part of the gown.
Mermaid evening gown style

Mermaid evening gown style

  • A-line Style; this kind of evening gowns has the shape like a bell. At the upper part, the design is close fitting, while at the lower part, it becomes increasingly wider.
  • Princess style evening gowns are quite girly with a princess-like design that will compliment any one who wears it.
  • Empire Style; these evening gowns have figures that show waistlines to show up below the bust. The bottom part of the gowns hangs from there, straight and loose fitting. It is a simple elegant style.
  • Dropped Waist Style; in the design of the dropped waist style, the made-up waistline drops beneath the real waistline. The bottom part can be designed to flare or to fit tightly.
Dropped Waist body-fit Evening Gown

Dropped Waist body-fit Evening Gown

Accessories to Boost up the Evening Gowns                               

The final appearance of evening gowns cannot be separated from the accessories that complete the whole look. Since evening gowns are very formal, therefore the accessories chosen should be sophisticated enough to balance the looks. Long thin chains, chandelier necklaces, or diamond earrings are some examples of the accessories that can fit the glamorous looks of the evening gowns.

Diamond jewelry with unique style for evening gown

Diamond jewelry with unique style for evening gown

The final look of the evening gowns depends on how the formal gowns are combined with the other elements that support one’s appearance, such as the accessories, the makeup, and the hairstyle.

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