Jumpsuit as the Newest Fashion Trends

Woylaa.com – Jumpsuit sounds like the most 70’s piece of clothing you can wear in 2014; while it sounds great for retro style lovers, it seems like a bad choice for hip, trendy fashion lovers. However, the newest fashion trends brought by New York Fashion Week show jumpsuit as one of the hottest items ever walked on runway. Say goodbye to ridiculous and boring jumpsuit! Now, even famous designers start to take their inspirations from traditional jumpsuit and turn it into runway worthy piece of clothing.

Various styles of Jumpsuit  by celebrities

Various styles of Jumpsuit by celebrities

Modern jumpsuit nowadays can come in various shapes, colors and details; you can wear them in formal occasion, cocktail party, or even just as clothing for your weekend mall strolling. Jumpsuit can comes in plain colors, with glitter accent, with buttons or belt, with lace accent, or paired with blazer.

Reason to Wear Jumpsuits as Newest Fashion Trends

Jumpsuit was inspired by clothes worn by parachute jumpers, but it has been long time since jumpsuit was only used by parachute jumpers. Many women love this clothing item because it is more practical; jumpsuit frees you from the task of choosing matching set of top and bottom. Many jumpsuits now look as if they are two pieces of clothing, with accents around the waistline to put emphasis between top and bottom parts. Jumpsuit traditionally as the same color between top and bottom part, but modern jumpsuits have these accents as parts of newest fashion trends.

Jumpsuit, practical but stylish

Jumpsuit, practical but stylish

The top parts of the jumpsuits can shape like camisole, tank top, tube top, short sleeve or long sleeved part. The materials can also be varied, so there are various looks of modern jumpsuits. You can find many women wearing completely different or contrasting outfits that are basically jumpsuits. Besides trendy, these newest fashion trends are also more practical. You can put on some trendy jumpsuits for any occasions; even the plain ones can be made different by adding different accents or accessories.

How to Vary Jumpsuit

As the newest fashion trends that just hit the runway, there are many ways you can wear a jumpsuit. You can pair a jumpsuit with a bit open underwear for proper evening look, wear jumpsuit with camisole or denim jacket for casual look, jumpsuit with blazer for more formal look, or simply with belt and matching set of accessories and let the suit shines. Do not forget the matching bags or shoes to cut the one dimensional look of the jumpsuit.

Pairing jumpsuit with various tops for both formal and non-formal look

Pairing jumpsuit with various tops for both formal and non-formal look

Thanks to its status as the newest fashion trends, jumpsuits now come in many colors, materials and models. You can find satin or silk jumpsuit that look like an evening gown, collared jumpsuit with safari shirt style top, cotton jumpsuit for casual look, even jumpsuit with proper accent. These jumpsuits can come with their own accents (attached belt, buttons, lace), or you must add your own accents.

Jumpsuits with various prints by celebrities

Jumpsuits with various prints by celebrities

Whatever jumpsuits you choose to wear, these are amazing fashion items that combine beauty with practicality, and they are also very versatile to pair with any piece of accessories. As the newest fashion trends, jumpsuits are definitely fashion items you must look for in 2014. Buy a couple of trendy jumpsuits with rather simple silhouettes, and add some different accessories to give more varied looks in different occasions, formal or informal.

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