Korean Clothes and the Way They Differ from Other Styles

Woylaa.Com – Young people love to look different, thus, they tend to wear unique clothes to stand out from the crowd. Korean clothes are now popular, thank to the Hallyu Wave that spreads worldwide. The stars’ styles now become major reference for almost every people around the world.

Korean clothes and trends that spread all over the world

Korean clothes and trends that spread all over the world

Generally speaking, today’s Koreanfashion styles are derived from what is called china wholesale clothing that comes with many different types of clothes. They are characterized by the difference of styles, either conventional Korean styles, European style, or others. They also open broad way for Korean apparel industry to expand worldwide.

Unique Features of Korean Clothes

As a trendsetter of Asia’s fashion, Korean style appears distinctively to attract the attention. Not only makeup and hairstyles, the trend is now expanding to daily fashion styles, with typical features such as long coat or blazers, oversized tops with shorts that are combined with boots or ankle boots and flashy accessories. With few considerations, mix, and match, the combination of Korean clothes will turn out to be perfectly synchronized and suitable for your daily style.

Typical Korean Clothes with Layers

Typical Korean Clothes with Layers

  • The Skill of Layering. Street fashion of Korean clothes is identical with the skill of layering. The style often combines different fashion items, multiple types of clothes, mixing and matching them with various accessories. Some fashion critics often state that Korean fashion is similar with what is so-called New Yorker or Tokyo street style. It has its own unique characteristics. When people around the world only wear coats or jacket during the winter, Korean people use them for daily routine and become part of their fashion culture.
Korean clothes and styles that play with colors

Korean clothes and styles that play with colors

  • Encouraging the Use of Colors. Unlike any other styles that tend to use the colors in shade or mild colors, Korean styles are encouraging the use of multiple striking colors. They dare to play with vibrant colors such as yellow, orange, green, and red. What they think is probably not to make their styles boring. Korean young people embrace the use of light and bright colors without hesitation and it doesn’t make them shy even in a crowded public space. Incorporate that type of style with your carefree youngster attitude, and you’ll be ready to hit the street with your daring fashion.
Casual Korean clothes with mini pants and oversized tops

Casual Korean clothes with mini pants and oversized tops

  • Bold in Shapes and Patterns. Either you want to wear super mini skirt, or baggy pants, long coat, or oversized tops, Korean clothes allow you to do that. All the conservative sides are gone away when it comes to fashion. Young women especially like to combine miniskirts or shorts with knee-length boots even in fall or winter, and combine with legging or stocking to protect them from the cold. During the spring, oversized tops are popular, where people often combine them with skinny jeans and sneakers for trendier element. Both the clothes and accessories are often crash, and the layering even make the styles look crowded yet interesting.

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Inspired by unique features and characteristics of Korean clothes, various styles occur representing today’s street fashion, airport fashion, and elegant fashion that often wear by people at any age.

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