Korean Shoes: Never Look Ordinary with Your Footwear

Woylaa.Com – One thing that many people notice from Korean women when they visit South Korea is how chic their footwear is. Korean shoes never look plain, boring or too ordinary, and even formal shoes look elegant and classy. Korean women, especially young girls and women, love wearing good shoes or other footwear styles. Even during casual moments, they will not want to wear something too plain and uninteresting. In fact, many travelers suggest female visitors to South Korea bring something dressy and colorful if they do not want to look underdressed.

Korean Shoes Never Look Ordinary with Accents and Color Play

Korean Shoes Never Look Ordinary with Accents and Color Play

There are many shoe models to choose. However, if you want to look like Korean ladies, make sure your shoes have certain elements that make them pop. For formal shoes, they may be accents like floral shapes, buckles or streak of bright colors. For casual shoes, the options are numerous; they can be glitter, ribbons, colorful patterns and many more. Dressy shoes also have many beautiful options, with feminine accents and wide range of colors.

Korean Shoes to Have: How to Look Great in Any Occasions

Korean shoes are chic and trendy, and if you want to buy shoes that make you look like Korean ladies, you may want to look for something that have 60-70% of practicality, and 30-40% of unique accents, to make even the most ordinary shoes standout. Just make sure each pair of shoes fit the occasion.

Korean shoes, Dressy ballerina flats

Korean shoes, Dressy ballerina flats

Here are several shoe models you can try to emulate the look of Korean ladies:

  • Dressy ballerina flats. Ballerina flats or moccasins are probably the most favorite casual options for shoes. In addition, they are also comfortable and can be worn for hours thanks to the lack of high heels. However, flats can be quite ‘flat’ without any flair or accents. Therefore, if you choose to wear flat shoes, do not just choose something very ordinary. Be bold and choose something colorful, has accents such as ribbons or studs, and have patterns.
Korean shoes, Pumps and stilettos ideal for party

Korean shoes, Pumps and stilettos ideal for party

  • Pumps and stilettos. Basically, you cannot go wrong with a good pair of classic pumps, but Korean shoes must show personalities. Even shoes for working have some flair like studs, ribbon accent or shiny material. Good stilettos are perfect for evening events or romantic dates, but many Korean women love wearing stilettos even just for shopping at the mall.
  • Sneakers. Who says you cannot dress up with sneakers? For casual and tomboy style lovers, sneakers are great to dress up without looking too feminine (or being bothered with heels). Even if you choose sneakers as your shoes, make sure you go out with good pairs, such as the ones with accents, bold colors or patterns.
Korean shoes, trendy with sneakers

Korean shoes, trendy with sneakers

  • Boots. Finally, boots are favorite Korean shoes ever. Whether they are short ankle boots or sexy knee boots, many Koreans love to wear these shoes with denim pants, shorts, Daisy Dukes and miniskirts (often with leggings). Boots with faux fur at the top are huge hits during winter.

So, which Korean shoes will you choose to accompany your outfit today?  Please, see this : Korean Fashion Tips to Face Cold Weather

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