Main Features of 1960s Women Fashion Style

The 1960s is known to be the periode full of change in fashion style. Unlike the previous era that was characterized with mostly single style for a decade, the 1960s women fashion was more diverse. It ranged from the casual look with pastel colors, to bold prints and neon colors. At that time, the fashion industry was featured with notable figures such as The First Lady, who wore the best collections from famous designers whose works are still popular now.

The 1960s women fashion - Ultraswank

The 1960s women fashion – Ultraswank

What Makes 1960s Women Fashion Different

The 1960s women fashion industry was made alive as fashion designers began to offer their collections to the market. Examples included Pierre Cardin, whose collections were characterized by mini dresses with neon colors, Givenchy who offered little black dresses, Yves Saint Laurent who offered pea coats and shift dresses as well as Pucci who was known with dresses in colorful prints.

Bright colored hot pants of 1960s - Vintagevisage.typepad

Bright colored hot pants of 1960s – Vintagevisage.typepad

Women at that time wanted to look classy by wearing fashionable dresses from famous brands. They have been influenced by the images brought by the fashion designers as well as the look of famous figures and models. For instance, the First Lady became the trendsetter for the 1960s women fashion style since women referred to how the First Lady looked when they hunted for fashion items.

Staples of 1960s Women Fashion

Some of the fashion items, which were popular in 1960s, are still easy to find in the modern day. It is because some of the 1960 fashion designers still offer their collections, which go in line with the modern trend. The following are some staples of the 1960s women fashion:

Shift dress of 1960s - Unique-vintage

Shift dress of 1960s – Unique-vintage

  • Shift dresses; they featured the casual look at that time. Shift dresses, which were popular in the 1960s, came in various designs from sleeveless to full-sleeves dresses. Varieties also apply for the colors. Women at that time were fee to choose pastel-colored dresses or neon-colored ones, depending upon their preferences and styles.
  • Short boxy jackets; the 1960s may be the origin of cropped jackets, which are a part of modern trend in fashion. The difference is that the 1960s-style jackets were boxier and masculine in look. This kind of jackets was also popular for office suit. The jackets were usually paired with skinny skirt for formal look or with denim pants for casual occasion.
Short boxy style jackets - Glamradar

Short boxy style jackets – Glamradar

  • Hot pants; now they still play an important role in woman fashion. Even popular celebrities, such as Taylor Swift, love wearing hot pants for both daily use or stage performance. The 1960s hot pants were characterized with bright colors.
  • Fashion accessories; to complete the look, women in 1960s wore accessories such as pillbox hat and oversized sunglasses. High-class women also wore expensive pears to make bold statement about their class.
Phillbox Hat popular in 1960s - Aliexpress

Phillbox Hat popular in 1960s – Aliexpress

Actually, besides those items, the 1960s women fashion style was also characterized by additional staples, such as baby doll dresses, culottes, mini skirts and tie-dyed shirts. Most of them are still easy to find this days. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to get the 1960s women fashion look, of course in modern version.

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