Mini Dress Korean Fashion Trend for Any Occasions – Mini dress is like a staple in any female fashion, including in Korea. This is a favorite dress Korean fashion always suggests for various occasions, and the feminine look from the outfit is enough to make all women feel more ladylike and beautiful just by wearing the right piece. Since Korean fashion is all about combination between practical items and quirky elements that attract attention, mini dress can be fashioned to be really eye-catching. Since the shape is quite simple, this item is also very versatile in colors, styles and patterns.

Mini Dress Shipping

Mini Dress Shipping

Dress Korean Fashion for Office Wear

Mini dress can be great piece of formal office wear, and it can be combined with various clothing items to create feminine, dressy yet professional look. Depends on your office policy for dress, you can pick items that are suitable for formal occasions, such as:

  • Mini dress with collar and length that reaches the top of knee. It can be combined with blazer and pumps.
  • Mini black dress, which is a popular dress Korean fashion for both formal and semi formal occasions. Throw a suit or blazer atop this dress for office wear, and remove the outer layer and add belt or necklace for party or clubbing afterward.
  • Mini dress with flared bottom part plus short sleeves and pumps for office or working place that has semi formal atmosphere.
casual occasions

casual occasions

To add the formal air into these dresses, make sure you choose mini dress that has appropriate ornaments for office work such as simple buttons or collar, and avoid glitter or too many embellishments. Throw subtle colors and pair them with black or white outer layer to create contrast, so you do not like boring.

Mini Dress for Informal and Casual Occasions

What if you face non formal or casual occasions? Then you get more options for the best mini dress option! From floral dress with flared bottom that is very feminine and perfect to pair with lace, to sexy mini dress with tight fitting material that is great to combine with stilettos and purse. Dress Korean fashion style for mini dress also usually uses ‘interesting’ element to attract attention and show personality such as large bow, big belts or embellishments, glitter, accessories like stone necklace, and even asymmetrical cuts or unique patterns. Basically, the choices are limitless.

formal office wear

formal office wear

You can also add sexy elements such as sheer dress, tube dress model, or mini dress that is higher than your knees. For colors, basically any options are opened for you if the dress is for informal or casual occasions. You also have more freedom to pair the dress with denim jacket, leggings, boots, bolero, ethnic jewelry, pearl and many more.


The next time you do not know what to wear to feel sexy or feminine, throw a mini dress. It is easy to wear, not require a lot of ‘methods’ to fasten, available in many stores and have so many models and styles. Pair them with the right accessories for this dress Korean fashion and you are ready to rock. Don’t miss : Korean Fashion Style to the Airport Inspired by Yoon Eun Hye

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