Reviving the 1920s Fashion Women Style of Flapper Dress

In the modern era, people begin to look behind to what was popular in the past. As a matter of fact, every era has its own characteristics when it comes to fashion. For instance, the 1920s fashion women style was characterized with flapper dress, which was on the hit about the mid-to-late 1920s. The era was symbolized by rejection against the Victorian fashion style as well as Gibson Girl look, which made women pretty older than their true age.

Flapper dress - Onewed

Flapper dress – Onewed

Characteristics of 1920s Fashion Women

Instead of making the women look older, the 1920s fashion women style did the contradictory thing, namely, making the women younger by means of details on the dress. Flapper dress refers to slim unconstructed knee-length dress, which is usually designed with low waist. Flapper dress makes use of different accents and embellishments, such as tiered bottom, beaded dress, and frills.

Beaded flapper dress - Visforvintage

Beaded flapper dress – Visforvintage

As the era suggest, flapper dress was not featured with fitted waist or curvy hips. Instead, it makes the wearer look straight from the top to the bottom, thus creating 20-20-20 figure. That is why the dress is suitable for young women and makes them look youthful. The problem is such kind of dress may not be the options for plus-size women.

Low waist sleeveless dress - elegantbridalshop

Low waist sleeveless dress – elegantbridalshop

Reflecting the 1920s Fashion Women Style in Modern Era

Modern people are inspired from the 1920s Fashion Women style. As you can see, it is not that difficult to find dresses that embrace the identities of 1920s fashion style. It has been revived during the fast few years, as the fashion industry has been looking forward to renewing the vintage and classic fashion look. Do you want to make them a part of your wardrobe? Look at some inspirations below.

Flapper dress with frills - brazilianbikinishop

Flapper dress with frills – brazilianbikinishop

  • Flapper dress with bead embellishments. This is among the most popular options of 1920s fashion women dress. The knee-length dresses are usually characterized with beaded embellishments throughout the dress. They are mostly sleeveless with V-neck style.
  • Flapper dress with frills. In addition to beads, frills are also characterizing the fashion style of 1920. Frills are usually applied to the bottom part of the dress and the sleeves. Now, dresses with frills are also popular. You can choose them to revive the 1920s look. Again, V neck style (sometimes deep plunging V) characterizes the fashion style in this era.
  • Flapper dress with tiered bottom. The modern bridal gown embellished with tiered bottoms might be inspired from the 1920s fashion women style. Many flapper dresses come with this style. The tiers vary in number and style, from the simple two-tiered bottom to the complicated 5 to 6 tiers.
Flapper dress with tiered bottom - Ebay

Flapper dress with tiered bottom – Ebay

Overall, the low-waist dresses found in the modern era can bring you to the beauty and freedom of women in the 1920 era. They reflected rejection upon the Victorianism through the fashion. Now, the modern fashion revives the style. The difference is that the modern version are greatly varied in terms of color, fabrics, and designs than the 1920 fashion women style was. So, is it wrong if people said that the 1920s fashion style is among the most influential era in fashion industry?

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