The Pieces of Fashion Dresses You Must Have in Your Wardrobe – A woman will look more feminine when they wear a fashion dress. Women have chosen dresses as their wearing besides skirt, blouse or trousers. In some countries, especially western countries, there are some dresses, which are named and designed depending on the weather because in those countries there are some different seasons, which can be extreme each other. Therefore, the designs of the fashion dress are different and made based on the need in each weather.

Fashion Dresses That You Must Own

You never know when you must have certain appearances that are best to be applied through a fashion dress. Thus, you need to have some basic preparations by having some dresses in your wardrobe, so that any time you need them, they will be ready.

  • Evening Gown, used for any events in the evening. This dress’ design is usually very feminine with a long cut. Since evening gown is usually worn for formal events, most of them are made with a glamorous look.
A glamorous evening gown

A glamorous evening gown

  • Cocktail Dress; sometimes you may have to attend an event that we are not sure if it is formal or informal. Therefore, cocktail dress is the best option for such circumstances. Such a dress has a semi-formal look, and is usually in knee length.
  • Mini Dress; it is a short dress with the length as short as the length of a mini skirt. This type of fashion dress is very suitable to wear for a friend’s birthday party or a casual date with friends or someone.
Mini Dress for semi formal or casual parties

Mini Dress for semi formal or casual parties

  • Maxi Dress; this dress has the ankle length, similar to that in maxi skirt. Maxi dress comes in various designs that you can choose and match to the events.
  • Midi Dress, one of the options for those who are not quite confident to wear mini dresses. Midi dress is the type of fashion dress with a mid-calf length. However, not all women are suitable with this type of dress length.
Midi dress with unique ethnic cuts

Midi dress with unique ethnic cuts

  • Sun Dress; when it is summer or the weather is warm, that is one of the best chances to wear sun dress. Sun dress is usually sleeveless with short feminine cutting. This kind of dress is best made of light fabric with plain or flowery patterns and in bright colors. Sun dress can make a woman looks very sexy and energetic.
  • Strapless Dress, a very sexy dress without any sleeves and expose the shoulders. This fashion dress can be used for formal or informal occasions depending on the designs.
White strapless dress

White strapless dress

Those are some types of fashion dress, which should be available in your wardrobe for various occasions. In choosing the dresses, you also need to consider whether the dress is suitable for your body or not. Therefore, fitting before purchasing is very important. Don’t miss : Various Kinds of Fashion Accessories to Upgrade Your Look

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