Women Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

Woylaa.com – For women, fashion trend is a must-follow thing if they do not want to be called outdated. Fashion trends are always rotating. You certainly realize that some clothes from old days are also taking their part in today’s fashion trends. As the world’s famous and respectable editors are working behind their desk, reveling the latest spring and summer clothing trend for 2014, you need to get ready to grab the fresh fashion items to complete your collection.

Leather dresses for summer

Leather dresses for summer

There will be hundreds of fashion items for the spring/summer 2014 collection available at both land-based and online stores, with additional countless accessories or minor touch to complement your look; from pump shoes, flare skirts, cop tops, shorts, and beachwear. From floral patterns, plaids, black and white, to shiny neon colors, they are the latest fashion trends you will be dealing with for the whole summer. What is more? Below are several latest fashion trends that will become big hit in the season ahead.

Latest Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Items

There are always no ordinary spring/summer, as the world’s top designers are ready to wrap up their work and launch it for fashion enthusiasts. Summer is the perfect season to empower yourself and reveal your high fashion sense, and time for colorful street fashion. You can look inside your wardrobe to mix and match old items or go grab some new collections from the store.

colorful beach wear to welcome the cheerful summer

colorful beach wear to welcome the cheerful summer

  • Beach and Swimwear; enjjoy the warm sunshine on the beach with your fellow friends or family. To add more fashion touches, you can choose colorful beachwear with little fringe and combine it with strappy sandals. Do not forget to bring small clutch to bring your sunscreen, iPhones, and your headphones).
  • Sparkling Embellishments and Accessories; we always need accessories to complement our look, for not only special occasion, but also casual wear as well. Think of pink or yellow bandana with ethnic bracelet that will give a completely new slant to our day-to-night- fashion. Oh, and do not forget the sunglasses.
  • Floral Pattern; Spring/summer is always the time for floral explosion. Bunch of designers are coming with different clothing lines from dresses to techno sporty wear that makes floral as the irresistible motif for summer fashion trends.
Summer mini-dress with floral patterns

Summer mini-dress with floral patterns

  • Crop Tops; they are most suitable to wear during summer, with a-line skirt or wide, lose skirt with floral pattern. Sleeveless shirts are also popular to expose your skin and get tanned. In addition, you can get the new look is by matching crop tops with shorts to a beach party.
  • Back to Mono; black and white is the best combination to give you different look, from sassy to classy. Wearing monochrome-toned clothes, and play with fresh accessories will result in modern look and perfection. You can wear black and white clothes with jumbo squares pattern to make your look more sophisticated.
crop toip trends with floral blouse, combined with shorts

crop toip trends with floral blouse, combined with shorts

  • Leather for Summer; you can prove that leather is not solely suitable for winter. With little trick, some designers can make you feel cool under the hot summer using perforated treatments, and guess what, it also gives you a cool different look for summer fashion trends.

More importantly, summer outfits must provide you with comfort when you do outdoor activities during the hot summer days, whether they are simply combination of T-shirt-, short, and slippery.

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