4 Tips for Flattering Older Women Fashion Style

After the age of 40 or 50 years, many women feel reluctant to wear fashionable outfits, because it is not their time anymore. Wait. It is not true. At older age, you still need to look good with older women fashion outfits you are wearing, particularly when you still go to work, do social activities, or other outdoor activities. Even though not every single outfit fits your size and age, you still can find fashionable outfits that make you look youthful.

Older women fashion - 40plusstyle

Older women fashion – 40plusstyle

Older Women Fashion Tips

Cutting your hair short in shaggy style or short pixie the first older women fashion tip if you want to look youthful. When it comes to outfits, you can first decide whether to look chic, elegant, or formal in your style. The good news is that you still can choose from a variety of outfits that suit your age. The following are some ideas you can apply.

Go Minimalist with Neutral Color

If you prefer simple and minimalist style of older women fashion, then this is yours. You can choose outfits with neutral colors, such as black, brown, grey, and white. Combining black and white outfits is great while providing you with safe look. For a flattering style as in the following image, you can add accessories, such as handbag and scarf in different color.

Minimalist older women fashion style - 40plusstyle

Minimalist older women fashion style – 40plusstyle

Go bolder with dominant color

Wearing minimalist style is the choice to stay safe in fashion. However, you can give a different touch to the way you dress by wearing a bold-colored piece of outfits. For moderation, do not choose bold-colored suits from bottom to top, as they will make you look overwhelmed. Instead, choose a dark-colored bottom and combine it with bold-colored top, such as trench coat or long blazer.

Older women fashion with bold color - 40plusstyle

Older women fashion with bold color – 40plusstyle

Go Stylish with Layered Tops

This is a cool choice for working women. Layered tops are the most popular option of older women fashion style since they are flexible and easy to mix and match. As seen in the following image, the woman combines a black legging with a long tunic with tribal print and then finishes her style with a short blazer. A black hand bag matches her style perfectly.

Older women fashion with layer - 40plusstyle

Older women fashion with layer – 40plusstyle

Go chic with print

You can also look stylish for casual purposes. Combining a trouser and a blouse or shirt is the easiest options, since there are many styles, which you can try. Combine a plain trouser with printed tops, or vice versa. However, it is not recommended for you to wear printed outfits from bottom to top. For the accessories, you can mix and match the style and color. Do not forget to wear a hat for outdoor activities, since your skin needs more powerful protection from the sun ray.

Older women fashion with print - 40plusstyle

Older women fashion with print – 40plusstyle

Older women fashion is basically simple but the right outfits can make you look flattering. If you are over 50 years, it is better to wear flat boots, but for working women, high heels can do the trick. Whatever your style is, the most important thing is your comfort. At your age, wrong choice of outfits can make your day terrible.

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