Fashion for Short Women To Look Taller and Flattering

Not only plus-size women are face with the stressful situation when choosing the right outfits, short or petite women are faced with the same problems too. Women who are short in height mostly want to look taller, just as the plus-size women who want to look slimmer. Of course, there are many options of fashion for short women to help them look longer. The following fashion tricks may work for you.

Fashion for short women - Aliexpress

Fashion for short women – Aliexpress

3 Simple Tips of Fashion for Short Women

The keys in choosing outfits for petite women include fashion items that make them look taller instead of boxy. The following are some simple tips of fashion for short women:

Appear Leaner and Taller

Actually, it is not difficult for petite women to get leaner as well as taller look. Make sure to stick to the following guidelines to get the look:

  • Choose monochrome outfits in simple design. Avoid outfits with many color variations as well as many accents as they may overwhelm you.
  • Instead of wearing oversized outfits, finding ones with the right size are particularly more important. You can choose slim silhouette to make you look taller but avoid one that fits too tightly
  • As the rule of thumbs, outfits with vertical patterns are the choice to create taller silhouette. Instead, try to avoid outfits with horizontal patterns, as they will make you look even more petite.
  • Choose tops with V-neck style to elongate your look.
  • Unlike apple-shaped women who are suggested to wear belts in contrast color aiming at defining waistline, short women are recommended to choose belt in similar color with the pants or skirts. This will disguise your waistline, thus creating a taller look.
Dress for short woacmen - Wholesale7

Dress for short woacmen – Wholesale7

Create Flattering Look

The second tips of fashion for short women is creating a taller silhouette. As mentioned above, try to avoid outfits that clearly separate the bottom and top parts f your body. These contrasting top and bottom further make people aware that you are petite. Therefore, it is better for you to choose tops and bottoms in the same color and well-fitted size.

High waist pants and crop top for short women - Mindbodyswag

High waist pants and crop top for short women – Mindbodyswag

Recommended bottom for petite women include high-waist pants and skirt. They break the line between the top and the bottom parts of your body. Combining high-waist bottom with crop tops, such as cropped blouse and jackets is a great choice.

Avoid Boxy Look

The key to avoiding boxy look is staying away from oversized and bold accessories. Beaded or fully-embroidered tops may not be good choices for you. Even though many women prefer oversized, Bohemian style outfits, you are not suggested to go with the trend, since oversized clothes can make you look even shorted. Other items to avoid include layered tops as they provide boxier look.

Flattering look for petite women - Thegloss

Flattering look for petite women – Thegloss

What about the accessories? The options of fashion for short women include recommending high heels (above 5 cm) to create a taller look. It is better to give some space between your shoes and the pants. Pants that stop at the ankle also create boxiness. Finally, if you are short in height, make sure that you do not accentuate the petite look by choosing the right outfits for your size.

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