Free Clothes Online: Is It Possible to Get Them?

It must be an interesting thing if you can get clothes online for free, right? But, is it possible to get them? If it is, everyone must be in hurry to hunt them and collect as many clothes as they can. The possibility to get free clothes online is still there, but you certainly need to do certain efforts to get them. No fashion store will provide you the clothes for free if you do nothing for it, right? Well, there are some ways, which you can try to get some interesting clothes online, free of charge.

Free clothes online - Cntraveler

Free clothes online – Cntraveler

Tips to Get Free Clothes Online

It is possible to get free online clothes, if you do one of the following ways:

Like or Follow a Brand’s Social Media

When promoting their newly launched items, some fashion stores offer the people opportunities to get online clothes, when they join the promotion program. Among the popular options are liking and following the store’s social media. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media for this purpose. When you like or follow the FanPage, you may have the chance to get a piece of clothing item from the store.


Many stores offer coupon, also in promotion program, which enables the customers to get additional clothing item for free. Anytime you shop from the store, you will get a coupon or point rewards. After collecting the necessary coupons or points, you may claim them to the store and get the desired free clothes online.

Example of free clothing point rewards

Example of free clothing point rewards

Product Review

Some reputable online stores offer this scheme. You just need to review the promoted product and collect some points or virtual account. Then, to the extent that you have met the criteria, you can get the product, such as clothes, instead of cash.

Getting Married to an Active Military Man

This program applies in some western countries. As a part of appreciation to the men for having served the country in military army, some non-profit organizations hold a program to collect bridal gowns for the brides. Yes, by getting married to an active member of military service, you have huge chances for free wedding gowns.

Working at a Fashion Magazine

The members of fashion magazine have more chances to get free clothes online. Some fashion brands offer the magazine workers with free clothes as a part of promotion program. This is a free marketing strategy, since the brand can promote their products through the fashion magazine workers. Try to find a fashion magazine with bigger section to have more chances.

Example of free clothing sale - Onlineshop4me

Example of free clothing sale – Onlineshop4me

Referral program

Some stores also offer a referral program for their partners. If you have a fashion blog, this is an interesting opportunity. What you need to do is referring the brand’s item to customers. Anytime a deal is made based on your referral, you will get a point and can claim free clothes online after meeting the required limit.

In conclusion, it is highly possible to get free clothes online as long as you look for any possible chances carefully. However, make sure to check the brand’s reputation to make sure that you are not deceived by a scam fashion brand.

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