How To Look Like 80s Fashion Women and Moderation Tips

For many women, wearing expensive clothes and accessories is a way to show that you are well-off economically, but many others choose to make it subtler. Talking about expensive fashion items certainly remain you to 80s fashion women style, which is characterized with bold colors, vivid appearance, rebellious look, as well as emo hairstyles. Believe it or not, even they could wear faux-gold jewelries and shiny low-grade fabrics to get the luxurious look.

80s Fashion Women - Fhf - Pinterest

80s Fashion Women – Fhf – Pinterest

The 80s fashion women style is said to be a symbol of protest or reaction against the hippie fashion style that characterized the previous decade. At the beginning of 1980s, the shift was featured with slightly subtler look in terms of colors, while the second half was purely colorful.

Must-Have Items to Look Like 80s Fashion Women

In the modern era, when a woman dresses in sparkling dress, wears such gold jewelries as rings, necklaces, and bows, as well as colors her hair red or brown, then people will say “he’s a 80s woman.” Do you want to apply the 80s fashion women style for a special moment? Here are things you can have:

Colorful midi skirt of 80s fashion -Timelessroad

Colorful midi skirt of 80s fashion -Timelessroad

Colorful Mini Skirts

Yes, the 80s era is featured with neon-colored outfits, such as bright red, bright orange, pink, blue, and many more. Women in the ear seemed to do not pay much care on the color mix and match. The wore outfits with even three or more contrasting colors. Among the popular items were colorful midi skirt, neon tiere skirts, or colorful trousers.

Colorful String Outfits

This is how the women in 1980s layered their tops. They wore tank tops, skinny pants, and layered them with colorful string vest, as seen in the picture below. The woman has very vivid appearance wearing pink string vest and platinum emo hairstyle.

Bright-colored string vest in 1980s fashion -Partybritain

Bright-colored string vest in 1980s fashion -Partybritain

Expensive-Looking Dresses

Women in 1980s expresses success and wealth through the outfits and jewelries. They wore glittery sequin and silk dress, regardless of its quality grade. They loved diamond-beaded dress that looked so luxurious and expensive and even still combined them with accessories like diamond necklace or gold rings.

jeweled sequin dress - Shopify

jeweled sequin dress – Shopify


The 80s fashion women wore sparkling accessories to splash up their look. They wore gloves when attending a party to make them look like royal women. They wore expensive dress with unique cuts, such as asymmetric cuts and heavily beaded details. The shoes were also bright-colored and frequently mismatched the outfits. They might be bright blue or red boots.

Mini dress with unique cuts -Teliop

Mini dress with unique cuts -Teliop

Tips to Have 80s Fashion Women Look

It is okay if you want to revive the 80s fashion look. However, if you do not want to draw too much attention, make sure to consider the following tips:

  • Avoid wearing too many jewelry pieces, as they will make you look like a ‘walking jewelry shop.’ Wearing one or two pieces of jewelry is enough
  • Wearing colorful midi skirt is okay, but make sure to choose a top that neutralizes the neon color
  • Choose a subtler hairstyle, such as blonde or soft brown hair
  • Wear a sequin dress only for events held in the night.

So, are you ready to look like 80s fashion women?

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