Key Features of 1970s Women Fashion Style

Among the newest trends in fashion is going back to the past decades. This happens not without reasons. The fact is that the fashion trends in the past decades are still well embraced in the modern time. If the 80s fashion women style was featured with neon colors and emo-style haircuts, the 1970s women fashion style presents different characters.

1970s Womens Fashion Style -Flashbak

1970s Women Fashion Style -Flashbak

Main Features of 1970s Women Fashion Style

Looking back on what was trending in the 1970s women fashion style, you know when the formal office suit, which is featured with bell bottom and sleek design, originated for the first time. The era presents much features compared to the previous and the next decades’ trends in fashion. The following are some main features of 1970s women fashion style.

Tailored, Sharp and Sleek Design

1970 outfits with Tailored, Sharp and Sleek Design - Avengers-in-time

1970 outfits with Tailored, Sharp and Sleek Design – Avengers-in-time

Fashion items with tailored, sharp and sleek design apparently appeared from 1975 on. Formal and semi-formal women’s styles came with layered style, which combined two blouses at the same time, multiple sweaters, or denim jackets and T-shirt. This era also marks the coming of blazers, suede coats, pencil skirts, and bell-bottom pants. The tailored and sharp outfits make the women look sleek and elegant. They mostly combined flare bottoms with fitted tops.

Pastel and Earthy Tones

1970 outfits with earthy tone - Retrowaste

1970 outfits with earthy tone – Retrowaste

Another characteristic of 1970s women fashion style is domination of pastel and earthy tones. It is much different from the glittery trends in the 1960s. In this era, women prefer outfits in the shades of beige, brown, cream, sunflower yellow, denim blue, sand and soil hues, and khakis. These color palettes go well with the sleek and sharp design, thus accentuating the neat look. Look at the picture above and see how the women look matchy with beige outfits and accessories.

Matchy Matchy Sets

1970 outfits with Matchy Matchy Sets - Wardrobelooks

1970 outfits with Matchy Matchy Sets – Wardrobelooks

The 1970s marks the coming of formal-look outfit sets, whether they are printed or monochrome. Wearing matchy sets is basically an effortless way to look elegant and neat, as you will not be busy matching the colors and patterns. The matchy sets came not only in the form of pants and blazers or blouses, but also in the form of dungarees, rompers, and even dresses. Even the simplest option of 1970s women’s fashion style was jumpsuits, which have gained back their popularity during the last few years. Jumpsuits are practical as well as stylish for women.

Pant suits and jumpsuits gained their popularity since the beginning of 1970s, as they come to provide different approach from the previous era. Most of the bottoms were bell bottoms or flare plants, but slim fit pants also began to appear in this era. Women mixed and matched the bell-bottom pants with layered tops or feminine shirts with similar tones.

1970 outfits with jumpsuits - Wanelo

1970 outfits with jumpsuits – Wanelo

Until now, most of the outfits that characterize 1970s women fashion style are still popular. They are mostly considered the wardrobe basic for women and men. The same case applies for the accessories. This era marked the coming of wedge heels, which have also gained their popularity in the last few years as well as round boots with thicker wheels and ankle boots that go well with the flare bottoms.

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