Korean Accessories for Women and the Must Have Things

Woylaa.Com – Accessories are important parts of dressing up, but for Korean women, accessories really have great deals in turning plain look into fabulous. Whether they are for teenage girls or modern urban women, Korean accessories for women are as popular as the clothing items. Korean accessories are like typical of Korean fashion items: they give unique and interesting elements on the outfits, but without looking too eccentric or garish. Even if you are not a type of person who loves wearing too many accessories, mixing and matching several practical accessories with your outfits surely will make you look standout.

Korean Accessories for Women: Must-Have Lists

So what you must buy to be able to show off your look like Korean women? Here are lists of popular Korean accessories for women that you must try to emulate the trendy look of Korean women:

  • Hats

Hats are not just beautiful and chic; they are trendy and surely will protect your hair and scalp from heat and UV rays. Korean women are proud of their long, black hair, which they usually color or curl. However, the perfect hat will make any women look great. Wide brimmed rattan hat, summer cap, winter cap and trucker hat with feminine accents are among the most favorite hats Korean women wear in many occasions (but usually for casual or holiday occasions).

Light rattan hat with ribbon, simple and chic

Light rattan hat with ribbon, simple and chic

  • Leather belt

Leather belts are classic Korean accessories for women; they are not only practical, but also chic, trendy and perfect for young and more mature women. Leather belt, especially the slim model, gives slimming effect and create more feminine figure. Leather belt is especially favorite accessory among career women, who pair it with long blazer, pants or pencil skirts. Do not just stop at black; play with color for your belts such as blue, orange or red.

Belt, must have accessory for feminine figure

Belt, must have accessory for feminine figure

  • Handbags and tote bags

No questions about these; these are classic Korean accessories for women that have both practical functions and beauty. Handbags and tote bags come in various shapes and colors, but Korean women love to add some flair on their bags, such as bright colors, patterns or accents like studs and leather accents.

  • Headbands and hairclips

If you want to flaunt your beautiful hair, headbands and hairclips can make it more beautiful and interesting. Hair bands and clips can be subtle or eccentric, depend on how you put them on and what kind of product you choose. Cute headbands such as the ones with ribbons, jewels or other accents can really flaunt your hair, while hairclips may be chosen if you prefer something more subtle.

  • Scarves

Long scarves or shawls are another must have lists of Korean accessories for women. Scarves are not just feminine, but they are also practical features to wear during winter or cold weather. Also, scarves can totally spice up even the most ordinary look; throw a scarf on top of your t-shirt and denim, and add boots or ballerina flats, and suddenly you are hip.

Scarf, turns the ordinary into chic

Scarf, turns the ordinary into chic

Korean accessories for women may be practical, but they also give extra flair even in the most casual clothing style. See also : Korean Bags for Women, Practical and Classy Accessories

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