Korean Women’s Clothes: Chic and Trendy for Office Work

Woylaa.Com – What makes Korean fashion different from other popular fashion styles, like Japanese or French haute couture? They are characterized with down to earth designs with quirky and interesting flair, which turn even the most ordinary pieces into something fit in fashion magazine. Korean women’s clothes in many catalogues show elegant, practical and completely wearable pieces that we will wear every day. However, they also have unique twists such as bright color streaks, asymmetrical cuts, unique accents and many more. Therefore, the usually plain clothing items look great even for casual wear.

But what about office wear? Korean women also find way to turn plain and formal office wears into something worth of fashion magazine. Urban style is hot in South Korea, in oppose of casual style, and these young professionals are not afraid to improve what they wear to the office with some flair.

Stay stylish for office work

Stay stylish for office work

Korean Women’s Clothes for Office: What to Wear

Basically, Korean women’s clothes for office are just like other types of formal clothes; clean cut with neutral tones, three pieces, shirts, blouses, suits and pencil skirts. The accessories may consist of neutral pumps, bags, scarves and maybe some classic jewelry pieces. However, Korean women love making their outfits as classy as possible, so there is no such thing as ‘underdressed’ among the women, especially young professionals.

Here is how you can pull off classy and elegant appearance with unique touch in your office wear a la Korean women:

  • Create striking contrast in your office attire; for example, if you wear dark shirt, use white pants or skirts. Or, you can use one neutral color and one bright color. This way, even if you do not wear many accessories or accents, your look will still eye-catching.
Patterned vest for office wear

Patterned vest for office wear

  • Always add accents even if you use office wear without patterns. For example, use a shirt that has white strips on the breast pocket, a vest with patterns outside the shirt, or silver buckle on an office dress.
  • Pair patterns with your office wear, and do not afraid to wear something with a lot of patterns, as long as you use something with neutral color as the dominating look. For example, you may wear patterned vest or floral scarf, but make sure your shirt and skirt or pants are not patterned.
Patterned blazer paired with white coat

Patterned blazer paired with white coat

  • Korean women’s clothes are not complete without accessories, so grab nice beige tote or leather briefcase, but pair them with red or brown leather belt or floral scarves to spice up the overall appearance.

The key to dress up for office like Korean women is the ability to mix and match. Even if you only choose conventional style shirt and pants, make sure to add something that spices up the overall look (imagine sharp spice or sauce to balance a plain and hearty roasted chicken dish). Korean women’s clothes do not look luxurious like French haute couture or eccentric like Harajuku style, but classier and have dressy quality that create elegance and sophistication, with a touch of quirkiness and fun side from bold colors, accents or patterns.  See also : Fashion Style to Make You Look like Trendy Koreans

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