New Style Clothing for 2016 Spring Summer by J. Crew

If you are fond of minimalist style in fashion, then the collection of J. Crew for 2016 Spring Summer can be great options for you. Yes, look at the new style clothing the brand offers, and you will agree that the collections are cute for those who love to play with plaid and stripes. It features nautical stripes and gingham, which are favored by tomboy. From the patterns and the motifs, it is easy to distinguish J. Crew collections.

New style clothing from J Crew - Vogue

New style clothing from J Crew – Vogue

New Style Clothing with Stripes and Plaid from J. Crew

The 2016 Spring Summer collection from J. Crew comes in classic but flattering designs. Most of the pieces come in nice set, which features plaids or stripes. The unique thing about the new style clothing from the brand is print-on-print comes. Even though the bottom and the tops are both stripes, the stripes may be different in size. Likewise, dark-blue bottom may be paired with lighter blue tops, but still in similar color tone and motifs. The following are some great options of Spring Summer outfit from J. Crew.

Playful striped sets

Blue-on-blue plaid set from J Crew - Vogue

Blue-on-blue plaid set from J Crew – Vogue

Look at the striped set above, and you will agree that it is playful. J. Crew revives the interest to the outfit set, which for some people has been a thing of the past. The graphic blue-on-blue plaid set some with preppy design, with off-shoulder blouse and ankle-length pants.

Blue-on-blue plaid sets

Instead of playing with motifs, J. Crew chooses to play with color tones. Look at the following example of plaid set, which includes a Shirt and ankle-length pants. What makes the set unique is color variation. It comes in two different varieties of blue – darker one for the pants and lighter blue for the top. This can be a great option for spring summer season, as it still provides you with warmth for spring and playfulness for summer.

Blue-on-blue plaid set with pants from J Crew - Vogue

Blue-on-blue plaid set with pants from J Crew – Vogue

Red-on-red sets

Another variation of unique style clothing from J. Crew is red-on-red prints. The set comes with red-white plaid for both the top and the skirt. The difference lies on the dominant motif. The shirt is dominated by vertical plaid while the knee-length skirt is more of vertical plaid. This is a good choice for casual moment, such as shopping.

Red-on-red plaid set with short skirt from J Crew - Vogue

Red-on-red plaid set with short skirt from J Crew – Vogue

You can give some variations in the way you wear the set. As the picture shows, you can twist both ends of the shirt. Bringing a red-striped hand bag makes your look perfect for the spring summer shopping time.

Red-on-red striped set

This is a feminine option, as the stripe varies from red, green, brown, pink, to yellow, even though red is the dominant one. Instead of combining the striped shirt with knee-length skirt, J. Crew designs in with ankle-length A-line skirt. This is a perfect choice if you have a problem with figure. Vertical stripes work best to create slimming silhouette and to hide the bulgy part on your belly.

Red-on-red striped set by J. Crew - Vogue

Red-on-red striped set by J. Crew – Vogue

Despite classic in look, the new style clothing from J. Crew for the next year’s spring summer offers playful sets, which provide you with the desired look. For instance, if you prefer chic clothing, go for skirt and pant set. However, if you are more of feminine style, then the skirt set works better for you.

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