Which One Is Your Fashion Clothing Style?

Woylaa.com – People have their own taste in choosing the style of fashion clothing. Some of them choose certain clothing styles as their identities, and some others are just following the trends. Those who choose the clothing style as the way to express themselves have the awareness of what kind of personality they have. While the others who like to change styles in fashion depending on the trends are also the expression how easy going they are.

Gwyneth Paltrow on red carpet with white vintage-style dress

Gwyneth Paltrow on red carpet with white vintage-style dress

Options of Fashion Clothing Styles

Fashion has developed tremendously and become one of the important businesses in the world. No wonder if there is a rapid movement in fashion trend that can go back and forth over times. Even though there are always changes in the world of fashion, there are some basic styles, which you can see as your style in fashion. The following are the options.

  • Minimalist Style; clean cut and simple shape are some features of the minimalist fashion clothing. It has a humble elegance with its long lasting color variety from white, black, grey, brown, beige, navy, and khaki.
Black and white minimalist clothing

Black and white minimalist clothing

  • Vintage, classic look, even though it was from the old fashion style, it has a long lasting taste of clothing. Some well-known celebrities that prefer this fashion clothing style are Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • Contemporary; in this modern era, everything changes so quickly. This is what becomes the spirit of the contemporary fashion style. This style expresses freedom to match colorful attires without being too bound by the conservative rules in fashion even though not as extreme as the eccentric style.
  • Bohemian; this clothing style is quite distinctive with the gypsy clothing style. Bohemian clothing usually has loose cutting and loose sleeves. This fashion clothing is quite exotic with the retro accessories. Bohemian also often includes headband accessories for their heads that are applied on the long hair. Another characteristic of this style is the using of some natural color tones, such as brown and other neutral colors.
Chick bohemian style with loose blouse and headband

Chick bohemian style with loose blouse and headband

  • Sporty clothing style can be seen from the use of jeans, tank tops, ripped shorts, trousers, and loose shirts. This style describes an easy going and dynamic personality.
  • Bombshell; sexy impression is always attached to this category. Jenifer Lopez, Kim Kardasian, Penelope Cruz are some popular names that are considered as bombshell. Their appearances are always remarkable with the hot fashion clothing options.
Bombshell fashion style by Kim Kardasian

Bombshell fashion style by Kim Kardasian

  • Rocker; there are some eras when rock music becomes a trend. That trend also influences the movement in clothing style that is inspired by the rockers who dress in a unique style. The rocker style usually wears ripped jeans and leather jackets. The look is strengthened by the gothic makeup application.
  • Eccentric; emerging in un-usual style, eccentric fashion clothing has no fix rule in clothing. This style is clearly seen from some eccentric celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Rihana, and Katy Perry.
Katy Perry in her eccentric style

Katy Perry in her eccentric style

  • Lady; a lady has an attitude. Besides her manner that represents the Aristocratic living, the clothing style of a lady also shows her high class. Today, many women make the ladies from the Aristocrats as their fashion inspirations.

The way women choose their fashion clothing can imply their characteristics. Someone can tell the others’ personality from their choices of clothing style.

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