Winter Fashion Tips: What to Wear for Party during winter – You cannot stop party from happening even in the cold winter night, where everything should be looking trendy and heartwarming. Do not even think of losing ideas when it comes to choosing party dresses for the winter night, since there are many great winter fashion tips you can apply to create the most trendy look and make you look flashy among other guests.

Winter Party Dress  with wide belts-2

Winter Party Dress with wide belts-2

Ranging from maxi dress, a-line dress, peplum dress, to strapless dress, you need to consider your body proportion and type to choose well and wisely. Do not be too “matchy” and wear dress with accessories that has the same color; instead, look for something contrasting yet appropriate to be worn.

Winter fashion tips: Party Dress Styling

The focal point of choosing winter party dresses is, just like in other seasons, to consider your body type and the dress itself. You may want to draw attention to your favorite part of the body, or distract attention from certain part. Wear wide belt to distract attention from big busts, or wear ruffle to distract attention from your wide hips. To style your favorite winter party dresses, below are some important winter fashion tips to be noted.

Winter dresses with belt accents

Winter dresses with belt accents

Accentuate Accessories

When you choose for the right accessory, focus the attention on the best feature of the dress and your body. Do not put too much accessory if the dress itself already has many details, since it can ruin the dress. Different party dresses match different accessories, and not all of them look good with necklace, for example; you should consider the dress’ neckline to choose the right necklace. V-neck dress will look good with collar necklace, while choker is perfect for strapless dresses.

Wear simple accessories to embellish the winter party dress

Wear simple accessories to embellish the winter party dress

Princess length necklace is the most versatile, as it can suit with almost all type of party dresses except for high necklines. A dress with crowded detail does not need too much accessories; you can pull it together with small and simple earrings and clutch. On the contrary, simple strapless dress can be embellished with ornamental earrings or necklace.

Wear the Perfect Shoes

It does not have to be the same color all the way from top to the bottom. You can pair party dresses with great shoes that give contrasting color to the dress, which can make you look flattering and scream your focal point. Pair black dress with red or silver color shoes, but remember to match and complement the color with other element of your outfit. A great pair of shoes can make your evening gown looks more elegant.

Perfect pair of shoes can adorn your appearance at the winter party

Perfect pair of shoes can adorn your appearance at the winter party

Wrap Up

During winter, everything is so chilly and windy. Faux fur wrap is an excellent option to turn your party dresses from simple to ideally elegant winter party gown, in which the fur can warm your neck and shoulder with the element of luxe and elegant. Try to choose fur with neutral colors such as black, white, or gray because it can match well with any color.

Faux fur wrap for winter party

Faux fur wrap for winter party

Draped fur wrap can falling evenly on your shoulders. If you do not have fur wrap, try other materials such as satin, silk, or velvet. Velvet bolero can also match well with your strapless party dresses, with no buttons and glittering embellishment. Those winter fashion tips will help you stay stylish but warm when attending a party during the cold days of winter.

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