Women Fashion Stylish Over 40 for Casual and Romantic Dating

Woylaa.com – Looking fabulous on a date is every woman’s dream, but many women fashion advices for dating seem to be catered only for younger women. Unfortunately, many women who have passed their 30s and 40s often think that look is no longer important, and they tend to choose outfits without consideration. So, why should you be like that? Even if you are over 40, you can still look super fabulous without looking drab, especially if you start dating again in your 40s. With good combination, perfect color options, good clothing cut and more age appropriate style, even women in 40s and 50s can look as great as when they were 20s, just in more mature style.

Stylish women fashion for Dating Over 40

Stylish women fashion for Dating Over 40

The keys to age appropriate dating fashion for women over 40s and 50s are: good fit, covering more skin, and classy touch in every piece of clothing and accessory. You can add splashes of bright colors, something flirty, or patterns, but make sure they do not ruin the overall classy, elegant look that symbolize maturity in a woman.

Women Fashion for Casual Dating

Now, imagine you are in a casual date, such as enjoying a cup of coffee at local café or having casual lunch, what would you wear? Many women over 40s think hard over this combination because wrong combination risks them of looking childish (or being accused as not dressing appropriately for their ages). This is because casual style is often mistaken as a style only perfect for young people, but you can tweak it a little bit so it becomes women fashion for all ages. Rocking jeans at 40s and 50s is still okay, you know.

Women Fashion for Casual Dating with denim sweater and colorful scarf

Women Fashion for Casual Dating with denim sweater and colorful scarf

Here are some great advices to combine outfits and accessories into one casual look for dating:

  • Denim pants are great for bringing casual look, but it is best to avoid skinny jeans. Straight cut pants are still hot as long as they fit perfectly. Choose straight denim pants with darker color or navy blue, but find something that has washed look to give a bit of trendy flair. Make sure the bottom part has the right length; do not make it too long.
  • Layered clothing is a perfect combo for casual outing; it covers a lot of skin, but the right combination will still make you look trendy. Pair a v-neck shirt or lacy shirt with cropped jacket that has pastel color. Even if you are not feminine and the jacket style is unisex, pastel color can make your jacket look pretty and perfect for date.
  • Use accessories that flaunt your look without being too much. You use a of pair flats with animal prints, small neck scarf, purse or tote bag with solid color, and maybe a pair of earrings or necklace made of colorful stones or silver. This combo is chic, casual but still age appropriate.

Women fashion for casual dating should be kept light and not overly ‘heavy’ with too many patterns. Use patterns and super bright colors as accents, not something that dominates the entire look.

Layering can work greatly for women over 40

Layering can work greatly for women over 40

Women Fashion for Romantic Dinner

Now, what if your date is something classier and more romantic, like if you go to a classy dinner? This is definitely easier for women over 40 as classy style is generally more acceptable. Feminine, classy and a bit flirty but without being too much is the key of amazing look for dinner date. Here are some tips to combine the items:

  • Knee length dress with slightly tight-fitting style is a classic look for mature women. Little black dress is also good, but if you think it is too revealing, pick something with similar cut with short or ¾ sleeves. Or, you can wear slightly dark color but not really dark, such as deep red, navy blue or dark green.
Dress for women over 40 for a romantic dinner

Dress for women over 40 for a romantic dinner

  • Add more elegance and more figure-hugging look by wearing wrap or faux wrap dress, which accentuates the waist. This wrap will also make you look more elegant.
  • Choose dress that has feminine curved or slightly plunging neckline, but do not show cleavage. This is the time when your style, elegance and natural charm must take over instead of simply showing too much skin.
  • Add pretty pumps with neutral color that has glossy surface, shiny buckles or peep toe models. Show your ankles with these pumps and look fabulous.
  • Wear elegant tote bag or bring a minimalist purse, but add accessories that add slight sparkles without being too much. Classic pearl necklace and earrings are really good combinations, but you can also wear gold jewelry with contemporary style.
  • Add a wrap scarf for more elegant look if you visit fancy dinner place.
Knee-length vintage style dress for women over 40

Knee-length vintage style dress for women over 40

Women fashion for casual and dinner date look different, but for women over 40, there are some key factors: the look must be elegant and not too flashy, the elegance and sophistication factor must be emphasized, and do not be afraid to try something a bit flashy or colorful as long as they do not dominate much.

Tips to Flaunt Dating Fashion

Do you want to look good in your dating fashion? Confidence and comfort are two common keys for the perfect dating fashion. You may try a lot of combinations for the perfect fashion for special date, but make sure they are still something you actually want to wear. These fashion items must something that you will want to wear happily, and will not trouble you instead during your date. If you can only wear pumps with really short heels or even flats, fine! Just make sure you wear them with confidence and combine them with really elegant and stylish women fashion items.

Scarf, boots, and sunglasses are great embellishment for casual dating for women over 40

Scarf, boots, and sunglasses are great embellishment for casual dating for women over 40

Also, for women over 40, bright colors and patterns are not enemies. Even cute printed scarves or flats are still okay. However, the overall look should be sophisticated and still light enough, with the printed or colorful items as accents, to make sure that you get the overall elegant look. Women fashion for women over 40 is something that you must carry with both confidence and elegance; be youthful at heart, but still classy and ladylike.

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